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October 9, 2008

Kindergarten closed after HFMD detected

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Star: MIRI: A kindergarten in Tudan residential area was closed after three cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFDM) were detected.
Miri health director Dr Chin Zin Hing said the kindergarten would be closed for the next two weeks.
“We are now helping the kindergarten to contain the outbreak,” said Dr Chin.
“We have also advised other kindergartens to shut down if the need arises. It is better to take early precautions.”
This is the first pre-school in the state to close following the sharp rise in HFMD infections statewide.
Last year, 13 children died from the Enterovirus 71 strain of HFMD while thousands were infected in the state.
Nurseries and kindergartens have also placed their staff and pupils on high alert following the death of a four-year old boy in Sibu from suspected infection of HFMD.
HFMD is a common yearly occurrence in Sarawak. The main fear is caused by the Enterovirus 71 strain that can be fatal.

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