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October 9, 2008

HFMD suspected in boy’s death

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NST: IPOH: A 7-year-old boy who died after developing rashes on his palms, soles and mouth could be the first casualty of the hand, foot and mouth disease in Perak.
Toh Guan Hee, of Taman Assamara in Pokok Assam, Taiping, had shown symptoms of the disease when he was admitted to Taiping Hospital on Monday morning. He died the same night.
An 11-month-old infant from Aulong, Taiping, has also been admitted to the same hospital yesterday morning with similar symptoms.
State Health Committee chairman A. Sivanesan said the state Health Department had sent Toh’s blood and tissue samples to the Institute of Medical Research in Kuala Lumpur to ascertain the cause of death.
“The state health authority suspects that the boy died of HFMD,” he said at a press conference here yesterday.
While HFMD is not regarded as a dangerous disease, the infection can cause inflammation of the heart and brain membrane, resulting in death.
Sivanesan said although cases of HFMD occurred regularly in Perak, none had been fatal.
Perak recorded 258 HFMD cases from Jan 1 to Oct 4, the highest number, 72, in Kinta district.
The department has distributed pamphlets, conducted public talks and instructed doctors to notify the health authorities of patients with HFMD symptoms.

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