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July 29, 2008

Doctors against ministry’s proposal

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NST: KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) is unhappy with a proposed exemption from government service for doctors returning from abroad if they are 45 years or older.
MMA president Datuk Dr Khoo Kah Lin said this was not fair to local graduates who had to serve five years with the government, including two years of housemanship.
“There are already incentives for doctors who want to return from overseas and work in Malaysia. They include tax exemption on personal items, exemption of import and excise duties for two cars, and citizenship for spouses and children within six months of their return.”
Furthermore, he said, spouses with recognised qualifications and skills could apply for study pass from the Immigration Department.So far, only 100 doctors have returned.
Dr Khoo said the problem of insufficient doctors in government service would not be solved by such incentives to woo Malaysians working overseas.
He said the problem was of too many doctors leaving government service to go into private practice.
He said the high rate of resignations, of up to 400 doctors annually, was caused by dissatisfaction over the heavy workload, poor working conditions and low remuneration.
“MMA would like to propose to the health ministry to improve the remuneration, incentives, career development and working conditions for government doctors to discourage them from resigning.”
He said more promotional posts should be created.
“Promotions should be speeded up, while there should be a revision of on-call allowance, specialist allowance and hardship allowance for doctors working in rural areas, Sabah and Sarawak.”

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