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June 14, 2008

Your happiness depends on tummy size

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NST: The size of your tummy is a “happiness” index.
The bigger it is, the less happy you are.
“People who are obese and overweight are more likely to suffer from psychological disorders than people with a healthy weight range,” said Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) senior lecturer and clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon at the official media launch of the “Happy Weight With 10” campaign.
He said 30 per cent of Malaysians were overweight and blamed this on the unhealthy Malaysian eating culture.
Dr Ng said findings of a survey by Frost and Sullivan found that an individual’s waist circumference and body mass index were linked to levels of their self-esteem and life-satisfaction.
Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre consultant endocrinologist Dr Faridah Ismail, who was present at the launch, said people who were overweight needed to lose only 10 per cent of their weight to see major health improvements.
“There is no shortcut to losing weight.
“Eat healthy, exercise, be committed to dietary changes and consult healthcare professionals about using prescription medicine to supplement these efforts.”
Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO) president Professor Dr Ismail Noor said results from the survey emphasised the importance of weight management in a holistic manner.
The campaign jointly organised by MASO and Abbott Laboratories is aimed at encouraging the overweight and the obese to have a more proactive weight management programme.

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