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December 3, 2007

Illicit sex bad for health

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Star: OUT of 5,529 heart attack deaths in Asia , 34 happened during sex. Of that number, 27 were having illicit sex, reported Berita Minggu on Sunday.
This figure showed that illicit sex could be stressful to the heart, which could also lead to sudden death.
Dr Wong Teck Wee, a cardiologist and physician at Universiti Putra Malaysia ((UPM), said that research conducted last year revealed that a heart patient in a “hasty situation” would suffer angina, which could lead to atherosclerosis that caused a narrowing of the artery and insufficient blood supply to the organs.
The paper said that heart attacks took place when atherosclerosis stopped blood from flowing to the heart.
In his paper , A good heart for good sex, presented at a forum on Saturday, Dr Wong was quoted as saying that a heart patient should control his emotions, not get overstressed, watch his diet and perform at least 20 minutes of physical exercise daily.
At the same forum, UPM family health specialist Dr Zaiton Ahmad emphasised the importance of health.
She said that society tended not to place health as a priority, so much so that it has affected one’s career, studies and family harmony. In 1988, 29.4% of deaths in Peninsular Malaysia were caused by cardiovascular diseases, she said.

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