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November 22, 2007

Housemen to serve an extra year

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NST: PUTRAJAYA: Medical graduates will have to serve an additional year of housemanship beginning next year.
During the period, housemen will undergo four months’ training each in the fields of medical, paediatrics, general surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology and emergency.
Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said the cabinet gave its nod to the one-year extension as it would provide future doctors with more experience, skills and knowledge.
He added that the extended training would also benefit the people as it would enhance the quality of the local healthcare industry.
Each year, some 1,200 medical students graduate from local public and private universities.
Dr Chua also said four companies handling private cord blood banking had been given two months to register with the Health Ministry.
The cabinet has given approval to the ministry to monitor their operations and ensure that they followed guidelines and maintained standards issued by the National Stem Cell Service Committee.
Dr Chua said their registration was made compulsory following complaints from the public.
The problems surfaced with the appearance of advertisements claiming that stem cells could cure various illnesses, although at present it has only been proven effective in helping cure leukaemia and thalassaemia.
He said the cabinet also approved an annual allocation of RM16.8 million for cord blood banking in public hospitals.

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