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November 2, 2007

Quack surgeons’ victims pay the price for botched jobs

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Star: KUALA LUMPUR: A 28-year-old woman here went to a beautician for collagen injection to look younger. She ended up with a disfigured face with her cheeks hardened and slumped.
The salesgirl, known only as Ms Chan, had taken the advice of her model friend to seek the help of a beautician in Segambut for a collagen injection to look youthful.
She decided to take her friend’s advice and went to the beautician in February because specialists and plastic surgeons were expensive.
Her treatment had cost only RM150 for one session, which included four injections. All the treatments took place at the beautician’s house.
Almost nine months and four sessions later, Chan’s cheeks became hard and drooped. Both sides of her face also become disproportioned.
Her worry led her to seek the help of MCA Public Complaints and Services Department head Datuk Michael Chong.
“She is the fifth case of victims of quack beauticians and surgeons.
“The other four involved breast augmentation and also facelifts,” he said in a press conference.
Chong said that despite his numerous warnings to the public, women continued to seek cheap methods to look youthful and beautiful.
He added that most of the treatments or surgery usually took place in a house or shop.
“They are paying the price for their vanity. Some of the women who came for help had gangrene on their breasts or their faces had become distorted.
“Chan, for example, is worried whether the substance that has been injected into her face will cause cancer,” said Chong.
He said he had helped Chan to seek specialist help. The specialist suspected that the substance used on Chan was very likely to be silicon or paraffin instead of collagen.
“I’ve advised her to lodge a police report. I will see what can be done to ease her pain,” he said.

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