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October 22, 2007

One in five is a mental time bomb

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Star: ILLNESSES related to mental health in the country are like time bombs that could explode anytime given that 20% of Malaysians suffer from chronic emotional stress, Berita Minggu reported.
University Malaya Medical Psychology Department head Prof Dr Mohamad Hussain Habil said that from the number, only 0.5% received treatment, as many feared being labelled mad, and some refused to seek treatment due to financial problems.
He said such patients, if not treated fast, could hurt themselves, or in the worst-case scenario, kill someone.
“Research conducted found that those suffering from this condition are more willing to undergo pain rather than get treatment.
“This shows that stress-related problems have ‘invaded’ the country, and if the problem is not dealt with, it can have a negative impact on the community.
“Attention must be given to the younger generation, especially children as they have the tendency to act out violent events shown on television,” he said when commenting on the case of a 15-year-old teenager who allegedly stabbed a seven-year-old boy to death in Klang.
Dr Mohamad said uncontrollable emotional pressure could lead to violence. Many murder cases do not involve those with mental problems, but those who failed to control their emotions commit such crimes, including children.
“Those suffering from emotional stress cannot be called a mental patient, this notion has to be changed.
“Don’t think that a person who visits a counsellor is mad, but it is the best way to treat emotional stress,” he added.

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