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October 21, 2007

Learn how to eat healthy

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Star: KUALA LUMPUR: As Malaysians become more health-conscious, they have also become more aware of the importance of good nutrition.
However, said nutritionist Chong Fat Eng, many were taking the easy way out by relying on supplementary vitamin and mineral tablets to provide them the required nutrients instead of eating properly.
“Many are eating isolated nutrients instead of whole, natural food.
“What they don’t realise is that the supplementary nutrients do not provide the human body with the energy they need to live and stay active or even healthy,” he added.
To correct the public perception on healthy eating, Chong will be conducting a few one-day workshops on Healthy Diet under the MCA’s Lifelong Learning Campaign.
As Chong explained, natural food provided the best nutrition, as human bodies were adapted for natural food intake.
“No lab can provide better nourishment for the human body,” said the remisier who took up nutrition to improve his own health after suffering from a number of health problems.
In the workshop, Chong said participants would also learn how to prepare food naturally without losing its nutrients.
Some of the major areas that will be covered include the reasons why conventional nutritional guidelines do not work, the basic causes of disease and suffering, and the fundamental essentials that build and maintain health.
Participants will also learn how to work with one’s innate healing power to promote self-healing without medicines, herbs, treatments, or therapy to overcome obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, infertility, acne and heart problems.
The workshop, which will kick-start today, is conducted in Mandarin and caters to all Malaysians who take a keen interest in their own health and like to improve their present health condition.
Another food and nutrition workshop which is being conducted under the MCA Lifelong Learning Campaign is “Cooking” which focuses on different types of dishes each month.
This months, participants are learning how to make dishes for buffets and snacks, while next month, they will be shown how to cook vegetarian dishes.
There is something for everyone under this continual learning programme – from basic computing and business English to dance mania, photography and hair styling.
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