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September 26, 2007

Survey: 62% lead exciting sex lives

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Star: KUALA LUMPUR: Four in five Malaysians have sex on a weekly basis, and 35% actually “do it” three times or more.
With those figures, Malaysia is already head and shoulders above the rest of the world when it comes to frequency, as globally, only 67% make love every week while a measly 10% actually “do it” three times a week or more.
But despite the lead, Malaysians are obviously more randy judging by the results of the latest part of the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, aptly called “In The Bedroom.”
More than half (54%) of the respondents actually want to have sex more often, just slightly lower than the global average of 62%.
And for every three out of five Malaysians, it is no holds barred for them as 60% of the respondents actually admitted to being uninhibited when it comes to sex.
At the other end however, as many as 31% still felt uncomfortable telling their partners what they want.
On a more ironic note, almost two-thirds (62%) of Malaysians claim to lead exciting love lives, quite a contrast when compared with the result of the survey’s first part released in April that reported only 38% being satisfied with their sex lives.
Globally, only half the respondents said they led exciting love lives, with 43% of Thais and 32% of the survey takers from Hong Kong responding similarly.
And despite being pretty much world-renowned for their kinkiness, only 10% of the Japanese confessed to leading exciting love lives.
The survey also revealed that a relaxing massage was important to two thirds (67%) of Malaysians while 45% confess to having a thing for wearing sexy underwear.
When asked what would improve their love lives, Malaysians rated “more romance” (74%) as their top pick, followed by better communication with their partner (66%) and more fun (64%).
Apart from that, the survey also revealed that 62% of Malaysians expect their partners to become more experimental in their love lives and are optimistic that it would happen within 10 years.
More than 26,000 people from 26 countries took part in the online survey conducted in August and September last year.
Durex is publishing the data over a period of 18 months to take an in-depth look at a variety of topics, including sexual experimentation, physical pleasure, emotional aspects of sex, first sex and education.

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