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September 10, 2007

Massage for bigger manhood ‘dangerous’

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NST: KOTA BARU: Fisherman Wan Mat (not his real name) is worried stiff.
The 54-year-old from Bachok, who recently underwent a traditional massage for penile enlargement, is finding out that one should not believe all that is advertised on the matter.
“The masseur told me that by enlarging my penis, I could rejuvenate my sex life. But the thing is, nothing has changed since then. I don’t even feel a tingle.
“I am worried that I might not be able to perform in bed any more,” he said.
The father of four said he had thought that the treatment would help the erectile dysfunction he had been suffering for two months.
“I have been avoiding sex with my wife. I thought that by enlarging my penis I could solve my woes,” he said.
Wan Mat is among many in Kelantan who seek the help of traditional masseurs to improve their sexual health instead of going to doctors.
They are wooed by advertisements placed on trees lining roads that promise to increase the girth and length of the penis for conjugal bliss.
Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital Family Health Clinic specialist, Professor Dr Shaiful Bahari Ismail said massage of the penis and testicles might prove dangerous for people suffering from erectile dysfuncton.
He said the only proven method of treating the problem was through modern methods, including medicines, surgery and vacuum pumps.
“There is a perception that massage can help improve sexual performance. However, it is believed to be either dangerous, ineffective, or both.
“Although there is no scientific research on the effect of massage of the private parts, massaging techniques carried out directly on the penis and testicles may damage blood vessels, the nerve system and even the skin,” he said.
Dr Shaiful said many had visited his clinic complaining of ineffective traditional treatment of the problem.
He said most suffering from the problem were above 50 and usually diabetic, suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure.
“They only seek modern treatment after noticing that the traditional treatment, which they underwent to cure impotency, was ineffective. After diagnosing their problem, we treat them with medicines,” he said.
Traditional masseur Mohd Zafri Harun, 35, who has been in the business for 15 years, claimed a success rate of 70 per cent.
He even claimed that vacuum pumps were hazardous “as they could cause cancer”.
“So far, most of my clients are satisfied with my service. They are happy with the size achieved after treatment,” he said, adding that he had learned the techniques from his father. And it doesn’t come cheap either.
Zafri said a “standard package” was priced at between RM200 and RM300.

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