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July 30, 2007

Beware of suspect medicines

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NST: KUALA LUMPUR: The Drug Control Authority has warned the public to stay away from 15 suspect medicinal products.
They are: Pil Tupai Jantan Asli, Jamu Ajaib, Maajun Petani Tongkat Ali, Kuku Bima Ginseng, Kuku Bima Ginseng & Kuda Laut, Crush Stone Super Kapsul, Obat Kuat Helbeh, Capsul Obat Kuat, Jamu Kuda, Tangkur Buaya, Tablet Kina, Oskadon — Obat Sakit Kepala, Paramex — Obat Sakit Kepala, Tian Ma Tu Chung Seven Leave Ginsengs and Mistura Xiao Chai Hu.
A DCA official has warned that some of them contain potent western medicinal drugs which are regulated under the Poisons Act. He said these drugs can cause harm if they are taken on a long term basis.
Labels on some of the products claim that they can be used to treat conditions such as joint pains, arthritis, headache, skin problems, impotence, premature ejaculation, poor sexual performance and low libido.
“Beware of the claims. They can be harmful as they are not approved by the DCA,” the official warned.
The DCA has placed an alert on its website which states that these products have either not been registered, have labels without registration numbers or carry false registration numbers.

The official also warned the public against taking several herbal preparations that had been adulterated with western medicines.
These include: Bao Zhi Tang, Permanence, PMEN, Power, Zhong Mei Bao Jian, Qian Jin Nan Wee and Spanish Fly. Other products which have been adulterated are Enjoy-Male Energy, Blue Boy-Sen X Big, Euriko Ginko and Stallion.
He also warned against using the following products which have been adulterated with scheduled poisons: Air Ikan Haruan, Tongkat Ali Super Power, Maajun Kuat, Jamu Ajaib, Kian Pee Wan, Ceng Fui Yen, Saurean Fong Sep Lin, Seng Yong Wan, Pil Haruan, Kapsul Tongkat Ali Asli, Pil Power Sendi, Pil Resdung, Mixagrip, Komix, Konidin, Antimo, Mextril, Untraflu and Neozep Forte.

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