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June 24, 2007

Tube in abdomen shock for housewife

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NST: ALOR STAR: She had been experiencing pain since a surgery three years ago but put up with it.
But when the pain became unbearable last month, Rusinah Yatim sought treatment at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sungai Petani.
To her horror, X-rays of her abdomen showed the presence of a foreign object.
Doctors referred her to Alor Star Hospital as it was the one that had conducted the surgery.
She underwent another surgery there last Thursday and found out that the foreign object was a 32cm-long plastic tube.
Rusinah, 40, claimed the tube was left behind during the 2004 surgery at the hospital to remove renal stones.
The mother of four is now mulling legal action against the hospital for negligence.
Her husband, Zamil Ibrahim, 40, claimed Rusinah experienced severe abdominal pain several months after the first surgery.
“At first, we thought the pain was due to some leftover renal stones. But it became worst during the middle of last year. It affected her housework terribly,” said Zamil, adding that Rusinah had also complained that her urine contained blood.
“I tried to get an explanation from Alor Star Hospital but they refused to co-operate,” he said.
Alor Star Hospital director Dr Che Pah Ahmad said Rusinah was supposed to have had the plastic tube removed two weeks after undergoing the first surgery.
But she did not turn up for her appointment, she said.
“A doctor has explained the matter to the couple. I believe it is a misunderstanding.”
On Zamil’s claim that the hospital refused to co-operate when he sought an explanation, Dr Che Pah said Zamil did not approach her.
Asked whether the hospital contacted patients who failed to turn up for their appointments, she said: “I’m not sure whether the hospital tried to contact her again.”

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