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May 3, 2007

Don’t have kids, those with HIV/AIDS advised

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Star: THOSE suffering from HIV/AIDS, especially former drug addicts, are advised not to have children as there is a worrying trend of people being infected with the disease in the country, Harian Metro reported.
Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia president Mohd Yunus Pathi said this was important as there had been cases of children born to parents suffering from the disease being infected with HIV/AIDS.
“They don’t think about the consequences the child has to face.
“At the beginning, the child does not show any symptoms or signs of being infected with the disease, but after several years the situation changes,” he added.
Mohd Yunus said such couples must be given adequate counselling on their sexual practices and that they should adhere to the advice given by the doctors.
“We at Pengasih always provide counselling and treatment to ensure that former drug addicts, and those infected with HIV/AIDS, are not left out,” he said.

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