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April 25, 2007

Younger people can have stroke, too

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Star: PETALING JAYA: Hypertension and stroke, the silent killers, are not “old folk’s” illnesses any more.
Such cases have been recorded among those in the prime of their lives, some in their 30s.
Malaysian Society of Hypertension vice-president Dr Azani Mohd Daud said: “Younger people are getting fatter because they are not eating right and many are working longer hours, therefore they do not exercise much.
“This puts them at a higher risk of getting hypertension which can lead to stroke. More disturbingly, such illnesses do not have any warning signs. They are really the silent killers,” he said.
Dr Azani explained that the exact cause of stroke was not known but the interplay of risk factors such as hypertension, obesity and smoking contributed significantly to the condition.
Dr Azani advised the people, regardless of age, to regularly check their blood and sugar levels.
Stroke survivor Yap Kon Kooi, 66, remembers how his face went numb suddenly after a game of badminton more than eight years ago.
He later felt extreme exhaustion and when he slept, he had difficulty breathing.
“I couldn’t feel my face. It felt like my throat had narrowed and it was difficult for air to pass through.
“Later, after waking up, I tried to eat something. This only worsened the situation because I started to vomit,” he said.
Yap was forced to quit his business as his condition prevented him from doing strenuous activities.
Yap admitted that his uncontrolled diet and hectic lifestyle had contributed to his condition.
“Although I don’t smoke, I must admit that my diet was unhealthy, resulting in my high blood pressure. I was taking medication for that but I still had a stroke,” he said.
Yap is now more careful with his lifestyle and his diet.

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