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February 26, 2007

Fomca: Ad hype has eclipsed healthy lifestyle drive

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Star: PETALING JAYA: The hype involving fast food advertisements has overshadowed the Government’s efforts to promote a balanced diet as part of healthy living.
Fomca secretary-general Muhammad Shaani Abdullah said it was an irony that while the authorities were promoting wellness programmes, fast food adverts have become more widespread.
“Fiercer efforts by companies to advertise fast food has led to the failure of the authorities’ campaigns to promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle among Malaysians,” he said.
Muhammad Shaani said Fomca welcomed the Health Ministry’s proposal to ban fast food advertisements and also the Information Ministry’s willingness to ban such adverts, which provided “inappropriate education” to young consumers.
“Fast food does not provide a balanced diet and although their menu contain certain ingredients, it is not a proper meal.
“For instance, fast food such as fried chicken and burgers contain too much preservatives, colouring, salt and fat. The beverages contain a lot of sugar.
“Fast food intake occasionally will not be a problem but it can be harmful to workers in major towns and cities who consume fast food as main daily meals,” he added.
Muhammad Shaani said banning fast food adverts was timely in view of the rising number of Malaysians suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure.
“There are now fast food outlets along every street and lane. It shows the culture of Malaysians favouring fast food,” he added.
He called on fast food operators to be responsible in providing the nutritional content of their products. “Even after the Health Minister talked of the idea to ban fast food ads, there are still companies claiming their fast food products provide a proper main meal,” he said.

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