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February 18, 2007

Expert: Teach public about eating right

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Star: PETALING JAYA: Educating the public on good nutrition is a better way to counter the rising interest in fast food.
Nutrition Society of Malaysia president Dr Tee E. Siong said he did not think a ban on fast-food advertisements would properly address the issue, as most fast-food lovers were unlikely to stay away from outlets offering such food.
The wise thing to do would be to educate the people, especially children and the young, on what constitutes good nutrition.
Dr Tee concurred with Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek that it was very important to make wise food choices to remain healthy.
“We need to look at the bigger picture and not single out only fast food, as certain local foods are also unhealthy,” he said.
The Star reported yesterday that the Health Ministry was “seriously considering” a ban on fast-food advertisements.
Dr Chua had said that the move would also cover endorsements of events linked to fast food, as such meals were considered “silent killers.”
Dr Tee added that generally, Malaysians were more interested in filling their stomachs, without thinking of the long-term implications to their health.
Alternatively, Dr Tee said what the Government could do was to control such advertisements from being aired on channels watched by children.

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