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February 16, 2007

Expect more suicides in future

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NST: PUTRAJAYA: A lack of social networking support, stress, depression and frustration with no one to turn to for help — these are factors driving people to suicide.
Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said city folk led stressful lives.
They have become very impersonal and have less networking among people.
Dr Chua said when life did not meet with their expectations, they became stressed, unhappy and upset.
“When they are faced with problems and frustrations, they do not know who to turn to as many of them do not even know who their neighbours are.”
The minister was commenting on the murder of two children by their father who later took his own life.
“He may have encountered problems and did not know who to turn to for help and guidance.”
According to a study by the ministry, there is an average of seven suicides a day in the country.
The national average is estimated to be 13 suicides for every 100,000 people, compared with eight in the 1980s.
Dr Chua believes that in five to 10 years, suicide would be the country’s second biggest cause of death after cardiovascular diseases.
He said those with mental health problems, irrespective of what problems they faced, should seek professional help.
Some 3.9 million Malaysians are believed to be suffering from some form of mental health problems.

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