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February 12, 2007

Don’t sit too long on the throne

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NST: IPOH: Spending long periods reading the newspaper while sitting on the toilet seat in the morning could lead to piles, said a colorectal surgery consultant.
“Instead of doing what usually takes three minutes to complete, you are spending 15 minutes,” said Dr M. Sarkunnathas of a private hospital here.
While the causes of haemorrhoids, or swelling near the anus commonly known as “piles”, are uncertain, toilet habits might be a factor.
“Squatting is good for the knees but sitting on the toilet is good for (not developing) piles. You take your pick,” he said during a recent talk to raise awareness of the medical condition.
However, sitting too long was harmful if one were engrossed with reading and forgot one’s mission in the toilet, he added.
According to statistics, one of every two people or half a population would have piles to a certain degree at some stage of their life.
There were no differences among races or gender.
Due to embarrassment, many would diagnose the problem and find the solution themselves, allowing the condition to worsen to the point of needing surgery.
In the worst-case scenario, bleeding from the anus — a symptom associated with piles — might spark a belief it is cancer.
Thanks to technological advances, specifically a “circular stapler” invented by Italian surgeon Dr Antonio Longo, surgery is now a 15-minute procedure, which allows a patient to be on the feet and sitting comfortably the next day.
Over a million people underwent the Longo stapled haemorrhoidectomy or procedure for prolapse and haemorrhoids since its introduction in 1998, including some 12,000 Malaysians.
The procedure, using a non-recyclable stapler and titanium staples, cuts a circumferential core of the rectal wall and immediately staples the wall, causing minimal pain and leaving no wounds.

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